Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Breakout Poetry - Reverso Poems

I found a new book to add to our china cabinet library!!!

Marilyn Singer is the creator of Reverso Poems, poems that can be read down a page as well as up! With minor changes allowed in punctuation and capitalization, you'll be amazed to see how these poems read differently.

"The form is especially appropriate for telling two sides of one story. It is a form both challenging and fun - rather like creating and solving a puzzle. Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean!"
                                                                               - Marilyn Singer

Her most recent poetry collection, Mirror, Mirror is a treasure of reversos based on fairy tales, so enchanting. Great inspiration for children to "play" with words.

I thought this would be a fun send-off to our month of "Yes, you can break it". My favorite reverso poems are Cinderella's, you can read them below.

May Ms. Singer's challenge inspire some upside down thoughts for you, as well:-)

Cinderella's Double Life
Isn't life unfair?
Stuck in a corner,
while they're waiting for a chance
with the prince,
dancing waltz after waltz
at the ball,
I'll be shining
these shoes
till the clock strikes midnight.
Till the clock strikes midnight,
these shoes?
I'll be shining
at the ball
dancing waltz after waltz
with the prince
while they're waiting for a chance
stuck in a corner.
Isn't life unfair?

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