Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nothing to see here

In our living room is a large bay window. It used to be a traditional space filled with picture frames, a bowl with colorful glass beads and the occasional bouquet of fresh flowers. Not these days!

If you drive by our house afterschool, you will spot something else occupying the window space - my children.

Yes, my growing children like to climb up onto the bay window and just hang out. They've been doing this years, slowly edging out all my collectibles.  

When I ask, "whatcha doin?" 

They always respond, "nothing" but it's never really nothing.

Ethan likes to do his homework on the window, especially on a sunny day. He'll read, play video games, draw comics, all for the world to see. And Reese, she likes to be wherever her brother is so she follows suit and makes herself comfortable. 

I just to joke that in a previous life my children must have been cats the way they liked to lounge here.


They have always gravitated to this space. It's the best view to gaze at the passing world. Some days I catch them in their nothing moments. looking out at nothing in particular but taking notice of everything.

"Hey mom, the clouds are moving fast today. I see a ship."

"Hey mom, someone just tripped along the sidewalk."

"Hey mom, I just saw a yellow bird. What's it called?"

Hey mom, when will the snow melt so we can see the grass, again?

And when they are just sitting and silent, the answer to any question I ask is always the same.

"Whatcha doin', now?" 


I love this empty window. It offers to anyone a much needed slice of nothing everyday. I know that the kids get more out of sitting at this window then if I pulled them to do something more zen. And that's okay because one of the best things about this window is that they found it, all on their own, crawling around as babes.

So, where's your slice of nothing?

Did you find it in a window? A cozy chair? A cup of tea? The outside world or in the eyes of another, full of wonder? 

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