Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last thoughts on nothing

March is almost over. Before we say goodbye to our rule, "do nothing" we wanted to leave you with a last thought.

Good JOB!

We learned many things about our exploration of "nothing" this month but the one thing that kept coming up was just how hard "do nothing" is.

Welcome to the club!

To just stop and be is a challenge, within one's body and within one's mind. To understand this is huge but the even bigger picture to see is that we are part of a world that is addicted to being busy. 

No one gives out medals for doing nothing. No one says good job for a moment of silence. No one puts nothing on top of the list because busy is KING.
Just ask Tim Kreider, he wrote an article all about busy in the NYTimes called, The "Busy" Trap.

Read the complete article HERE - The "Busy" Trap by Tim Kreider -  NYTimes

"The present hysteria is not a necessary or inevitable condition of life; it’s something we’ve chosen, if only by our acquiescence to it."

Do you agree? Give his article a read and tell me if after reading it, you can look at your life with new eyes and spot the "I'm so busy" default of your days. 

If you can, good job! Let it be your next clue for where some "do nothing" is needed and see what YOU choose to do next.

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