Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just Breathe

These days, when I nudge the kids to take some time to "do nothing", they often groan back, "how do I do THAT?"

"Just breathe," I tell them, "just breathe."

They are no stranger to this task, this phenomenon. In fact, they've been little yogi's in training since they were tikes. Both got exposed to yoga in pre-school on a regular basis. In fact, Reese had a wicked tree pose that always ended with her shouting, "TIMBER"!

And on nights when they couldn't fall asleep, I would teach them about their breathe by placing a stuffed animal on the belly and having them notice the up and down movement. So simple, they liked this because they could do it all on their own. Other times, I'd take them on a magic carpet ride through the neighborhood with a visualization technique that also focused on their breathing. All for a return to ZZZZZZ's.

Just breathe. It might sound like such a boring, simple thought but in the end, it really is all you need to do to begin and what you will keep coming back to, time and time, again.

When you do it enough, this "do nothing" business, you find SOMETHING that you need. And in those moments, especially the most stressful ones, you will be very grateful that it is so simple. 

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