Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why is "nothing" so hard?

Remember our donothingfor2minutes website?

I shared it with the kids and had them check it a few times for some "do nothing" time. When I asked them if they enjoyed it, they flat out said NO.


"It's boring, they said, 'the website doesn't really do anything."

Not entertaining enough, I thought, blame their young, addicted electronic minds. But, that might only be half the story.

I read a Wall Street Journal article recently that talked about the basic point: Why is it so hard for us to do nothing?

Newsflash, it's not just the youngest demographic who struggle given their world is the most plugged in. When they did an experiment that involved just sitting and doing nothing, college students, even middle aged church goers struggled.

Things got even more interesting when they introduced an electric shock button to the mix!   

Read the full article HERE.

So, it's not just my kids, but I'm not giving up. We're going to keep up with our daily two minutes but we may have to look into a change of scenery since oceans and sunsets are not our boat.

Oh well, as Dory would say, just keep swimming!


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