Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Rule

Hello April - we've got another rule for you!


This month we are nixing words and getting lost in numbers. "Count me in" is about making the connection between us and the greater world, from nature, art, music, science, even comedy!

Numbers are everywhere. Some numbers like the price of milk are obvious. While others like last night's homework and that pile of Oreos you ate, we'd pretty much like to forget. Still, there are so many more numbers that exist hidden in the everyday. Some may surprise you. 

So why numbers?

I wanted to give the kids a new view of their everyday short of asking them to stand on their heads. Math gets a bad rap these days. I wanted to show them math outside of the classroom and why it's so good for our brain and future's not just about smarts. 

Lastly, I wanted them to enjoy the language of numbers - the simple, the complex and the funny.

So this month we're going exploring. Should we count you in, too??

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