Sunday, March 8, 2015

master of nothing

Gotta love Seinfeld, the show that became synonymous with nothing.

Interestingly enough, "nothing" was not the original premise for the show. The quote, "show about nothing" was just a tag that caught fire with the media when the show skyrocketed in the ratings and went on to dominate TV programming for the next 9 years.

The original idea for the show was to follow a comedian's life to show how they came up with material.

See, that's something. But, what seems like nothing is actually the use of a very particular skill. It's nothing special but it's the best of comedians that know to use it.  

Simply put, they pay attention. Nothing more.

The seemingly ordinary of moments that most people would gloss over become play for an observant eye like Jerry Seinfeld.

Did someone say PLAY? We like this idea so that's where we will begin this week with our March rule, "Do Nothing". We're going to pay attention and report back.

Wanna play along? There's still room at the table at the diner. We'll save you a seat.

Happy Monday!!

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