Monday, November 17, 2014

Curious Finds


This is my china cabinet. 
It looks like most cabinets except for one detail.  
Look closely....can you see it? 


 Light on china, heavy on books, my china cabinet is a glorified curio of words.
This is fine by me. My life was shaped by these books, these many stories.

Some books took me away from my everyday world...

...while other books brought me back to myself.

And still others are just precious memories that I never want to forget.

I have always loved books. STILL DO.
To peek into another life - real or imaginary - mistakes and all. 
Yes, you can bring on the mistakes!!

I can handle all the broken hearts of Austen.
I can rally and fight with the Three Musketeers, despite the odds.
I can laugh at the comedy of human error in Shakespeare.
I can sit with Linus in the pumpkin patch. 
I can hold on till the very end of every great story, every great mistake.
Dear Kiddos,
In honor of great tales, big and small, don't let go of your mistakes,
this week. Be curious of them, turn the page and keep going because
you, my dears, are the heroes of another great story!


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