Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Know Your Mistakes

I like this quote. There's a challenge, an implicit dare in its words, but to see it, you need to get past the Big Bad Mistake in your head. 

I found this quote in my research of mistakes. (Who researches mistakes, you ask? Only me.)

You see, I wanted to be able to break down the word. MISTAKE. I wanted to take some of the charge out of it, make it more palatable as we dive into our own mistakes this month.

Thanks to Berkun's essay, I found some interesting information.

Did you know that the most common mistakes made by people can be broken down into 4 categories?

Or that the most complex mistakes, the worst of them (or best of them, depending on how you see things) are really a series of smaller mistakes? Who knew? For more insights, you can read Berkun's essay, HERE.

Knowledge like this can be a great starting point but action, the kind found in challenges (and double dares) keep us moving forward and striving for more, even in our mistakes.

So, can you make a mistake today and still be alright? Yeah, that feels do-able.

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