Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Refrigerator Art - november

Here is our artwork for November.

Reese likes the bright colors. Ethan and Dave like the words floating over the paint. And me, I just like that it's done. Why? Because the artwork you see didn't have a pretty start. 

What I wanted was an abstract look, something that might be perceived as a mistake. I started off fine but then got carried away with my paint. When one too many colors swirled and mixed, all I was left with was a mess of brown or better yet, MUD.

It was a mistake, a real one, and it wasn't beautiful.

I wanted to chuck it. It would have been easy to start over again but for all my talk about mistakes, I didn't. I got out my paints and tried to work with it, again, and again.

I made big strokes and little strokes. I dabbed paint here, I dotted paint there. I outright squirted colors all over my paper obliterating the brown muddle I started out with. But it was still there, down deep.

As I mentioned, the kids really liked this piece but they only knew the final result. They didn't know, like I did, about the mud pie that was holding all those colors together.

What a metaphor for life.

There are so many layers to our every day. So many moments, so many attempts, and yes, so many mistakes. It takes a lot of living to reach those fleeting instances where suddenly, everything looks alright. How easy then to sit in a shining moment and forget the not so pretty mistake where it all began. 

But everyone has mud moments, beautiful mistakes. Lucky you. Lucky me.

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