Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The apple and the tree

Dear Ethan and Reese,

This is your dad and yes, he is doing a cartwheel. Why? Because it's FUN.

Your dad is on the other side of 40 years old, which means he's an adult, but he still acts like he's a kid. This is a very good thing.

How did your dad get so good at PLAY? Lots and lots of practice.

Your dad will always say YES to playing with you, in the backyard, in the pool and with every board game and lego set you own in the basement. (All 200 plus of them, legos, that is.) When he is not playing, he is singing songs and making us all laugh. He's got a great smile, you see it everyday. And if you make him laugh, you've made his day.

You might be thinking, well, that's just dad, that's who he is. But there's more to it. That inner spark, that PLAY that is so your dad is also inside YOU!  It's in your genes, passed down from generations. Don't believe me? Just think who your dad got his sense of PLAY from?

That's right, your grandpa Ralph, another PLAY FULL and funny guy!!!

If there is anything you can learn from cartwheels and balloon hats, it's that there is a lot of PLAY to be had in this life.

So go PLAY, have some FUN and let's not let the apple fall too far from the tree.


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