Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The playback...a day at the orchard.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but there is so much that these pictures are not saying about our day at the orchard. 

They make no mention of unhappy children who left their electronics behind for a two hour car ride that turned into three. Don't even ask me how long it took for us to drive back home.

This picture doesn't tell you that my husband got up early to go to the grocery store so we could pack sandwiches for a relaxing picnic lunch or that he did all the driving.

This one doesn't show you the acres we walked with empty bags because all the apple trees were already picked or about the boy who kept reminding me again and again that he only ate MacIntosh apples. Where are the MacIntosh??

This photo doesn't tell you that I made Reese go back and pose with these trees after I missed a spontaneous moment. She was shaking hands with leaves because I said they looked like they were waving to us in the breeze.

Did I also mention how she started naming apples - Debbie, Betty and little Tim - and then struggled with the thought of eating them?
I admit, there were a lot of smiling pics because I had a camera and said, "say cheese", but not all the moments were staged.  
My favorite pictures are the ones below. I LOVE the determination in
Reese's eyes below compared with the quiet calm in Ethan's face.
It makes me wonder what each is thinking?
So, yes, we did have some fun at the apple orchard but don't let these pictures fool you. They only tell half the story. There are no pictures of traffic jams or children fighting in the car because really, who wants a photo to remember that? Those moments don't feel good. And besides I have all these other moments that look so shiny and fresh.

At one point, I did catch David checking and picking up a couple of apples off the ground. When I asked him about it, he said, "most people mistake all the apples on the ground as bad but if you look at them, it's not true."
His words got me thinking about our day, the good and the bad. Could I sit with all those uncomfortable moments, those supposed bad apples and be okay with them? I don't need a picture of them for keeps in an album but perhaps a mental picture would do.
We all fall, now and again. Who doesn't need a reminder that maybe some moments, like apples, are not as bad as we think. 

*This post was inspired by my husband, David. Thanks dear for keeping it real. xo
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