Thursday, October 2, 2014

ethan's fortune cookie

Last week while Reese and I had a girl's night out at a school fundraiser, David and Ethan had a boy's night in complete with some Chinese food.

I was told that the chicken & broccoli was AWESOME but the fortune cookie or rather the fortune was the WORST ever!!

"Oh Ethan, you know you can't take fortunes seriously." I said.
Ethan just cocked his head at me. "Wait till you see it, mom".

"Maybe you were right, mom," he casually added, "maybe I do play Minecraft too much."

Honestly, I didn't know what shocked me more - the fortune or Ethan's response to it. It didn't matter. The HUGE smile that then appeared on Ethan's face told me all I needed to know....he could laugh at the moment, laugh at himself and the realization, his true fortune was PRICELESS.

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