Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I've already broken our first rule of PLAY

I don't know how it happened. We were I was doing fine, or, so I thought. But it was all right there, in black and white.

I blame my to-do list.

You see, normally, my to-do list is a source of accomplishment for me. I like the feeling of putting a check here and putting a check there. I LOVE crossing things off my list altogether. But last week's to-do lists weren't just about check marks. With all my jabbering on about electronics, I was looking at them differently and seeing something new.

While my daily to-do list was full of activity - chock full of need to do's, must do's and please do's - it had very little in the way of fun-to-do's that were for me. That's right, NO PLAY. Zero. Zilch. My eyes widened in horror. Oh boy, I thought, I'm in trouble. 

I told the kids. They smiled. They laughed. It was cruel. Oh, how they loved seeing this imperfect side of me! Still, they didn't ask how it happened or why it happened, they just kept asking what I was going to do now? Good question.

Honestly, in some ways, I was feeling myself just going through the motions of some days. It had been a very busy month, and yes, busy is good, but to a point. All work and no play makes Nancy a crazed mama!

So what to do? How was I going to inject some PLAY back into my days? It's sad to admit it but sometimes, I need a reminder, like a giant neon sign. I didn't have any neon signs lying around so I went with the next best thing, smiley faces. 

I really rely on my to-do lists so I started to mess around with a new design. These smiley faces remind me of my kids, small but pack a punch. (Reese is the one sticking her tongue, out.) They are a dose of happy and have just enough smirk to make me stop and think about PLAY, once again.

And that kiddos, is a good way to start any day! 

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