Friday, October 31, 2014

play it foward

Happy Halloween!!

We're ending our first month of READY, SET, PLAY with some paper fun.

Reese borrowed an Origami Book from the school library recently. While looking through it, we discovered that World Origami Days are celebrated from October 24 through November 11th.

"American origami pioneer Lillian Oppenheimer's birthday is on October 24th. November 11 is Japan's traditional Origami Day. During this time, people around the world fold origami and teach others their techniques."
                                           - No-Quite-So-Easy Origami by Mary Meinking

With this in mind, we decided to PLAY it forward and share a Halloween tutorial on how to make jack-o-lanterns, origami style.

Reese and I made our first video last night but then we had trouble uploading it. :-( So instead, we included some websites that feature written instructions with photos for you to follow. Just click HERE or HERE for origami pumpkins. 

Reese had a lot of fun making these jack-o-lanterns. She made a whole bag full this morning to share with her class at the Halloween party.

She's not the only one who likes origami. Here are some of our origami models as of late...Reese's 3D cube, Ethan's godzilla size frog (it really hops), my second attempt at a crane and David's chinese balloon that inspired our Jack-o-lanterns.

Happy trick or treating...enjoy your candy and we'll see ya next week for November's Rule, #2.

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