Tuesday, October 28, 2014

reason #16 why our house rules...


Doesn't everyone have a Taj Mahal in their dining room?

Or a Tower Bridge in the living room?

How about a fish tank minus the tank?
(Watch out, the yellow fish bites.)
I'm sure this sword is a relic.
And these letters are pure inspiration.

We know LEGOs may not be everyone's style but they are ours.

This is not a dining table, this is the LEGO table,
complete with garage space just below.
One Christmas, the kids even convinced us to buy LEGOs for one another.
(Nah, secretly, we wanted them, too. Lego Christmas Village on the bay window:-)

 But the real beauty of decorating with LEGOS

is that someone is always building,

someone is always helping,

and someone is always dreaming

about the next, great piece that would look FABULOUS in our house.

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