Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What's a lemon?

Our first round of business this month has been identifying our "lemons". You know, those activities that we put off doing for a million and one reasons.

Lemons fall under many categories: things we Have to do, Need to do, Should do and even Want to do BUT don't.

I talked to the kids about it over a snack of sweets one day (cuz I'm no dummy). Our conversation triggered a memory, a tell for some of their lemons.

It's the ole answer a question with a question....

"Ethan, did you make your bed?"
"Um, what's a bed?"

"Reese, did you practice your flute?"
"What's a flute?"

"Are we doing homework?"
(In unison, without missing a beat)
"What's a homework???"

You see? Lemons, lemons, lemons!

I asked David about how he handles lemons.

We started talking about David but honestly, I don't know what happen because when the conversation was over, it was all about me. I lost the conversation but not how David deals with deflection and avoidance.

And me? I found my lemons on the bottom of my to do list. My lemons make the list, again and again, but never seem to get done....not exactly a TO DO List!

So, how about you? What lemons are lurking in your day to day to day to day...?

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