Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Would You Like To Play a Game?

Here are some interesting thoughts I found on the meaning of "be water, my friend".

"Water is extremely fluid and free-flowing; it doesn't tend to impose its presence, and it will just take the space it's afforded and adapt to it...Water does not struggle at all, and yet it never lacks versatility. There's a great lesson to be learned here, since striving and struggling are trademarks of the human existence. What if we could just let go of our desires, our cravings, even our hopes... and just take what we have, the best way we can? Wouldn't we all be happier, if we could achieve such a feat?
                    - Ezine article: Be Water My Friend and Like Will Flow Effortlessly

What if we would see the "water effect" of such non-action? Would you believe there is a game built on this very RELAXED and FLUID premise - introducing MINDBALL.

Mindball is a two person game controlled by players brain waves in which players compete to control a ball's movement across a table not by physical or mental exertion but by becoming the most relaxed and focus.

The game was created by the Swedish Company, Interactive Productline and has been exhibited at various Science and Tech Museums. It's even been introduced in schools to help children who struggle with test taking and focus.

When I showed the kids this video, they were definitely curious about it but I think it would take "playing" the game to really get this concept of "try without trying." 

All in all, an intriguing example in doing more with less...just like water.

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