Friday, June 19, 2015

Water is not weak. Water has a goal

"...All the rivers and seas flow towards the ocean. This is the destiny and goal of water. It is because of this goal that water flows on and on. It is not a matter of "if", it is a matter of "when". With this clear goal in mind, water has the motivation to overcome all obstacles in its path to achieve its destiny. "
- Han of Harmony
Water has got me thinking about my goals as a parent...and computers. (Keep reading, I'll explain.)  

I think, more than anything, I want to teach my kids to be problem solvers, to see obstacles and difficulties not as brick walls but as divergent points for finding another way, just like water. 

But first, I have to give them space to deal with their problems and room to make mistakes. This has been hard for me. 
Most times, it's just easier to tell them what's the right thing to do, like last week's homework debacle. But I know that always telling them what to do doesn't cultivate their own thoughts like a big, fat, glorious problem or mistake.

David tells me this all the time and he should know (he says) because he makes and deals with tons of mistakes.

Welcome to the world of computers!

As an IT (information technology) specialist, the majority of David's day is spent dealing with problems. First of, people are rarely in a good mood when they call David. Something is not working, an important file or spreadsheet has gone missing or worse, an entire server has gone down and no one in the office can work.

And the timing is never good because whatever they needed fixed, found or corrected isn't for tomorrow, it's for today or better yet yesterday.
Everyday David is hit with obstacles likes these but he doesn't fret. One of the reasons David is so good at his job is not because he has all the answers but because he knows how to seek them out - he's a problem solver. Sometimes he makes mistakes along the way but that's just part of the job...

So this week I am trying to remember MY GOAL for the next mistake or problem the kids have to tackle because I know we/they can handle it.

Water isn't weak and neither are we. Happy Friday:-)

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