Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Inspiration Art - CALM, FIERCE and PROUD!

This month's inspiration art comes to you from the creative hands of Reese.

I had my own ideas for a poster but the kids shot me down fast. No way and overruled, they shouted! (Sigh) Rejection, it's never fun, especially from your own kids. I quickly recovered though when Reese took up my challenge to come up with a "better" poster idea.

She didn't even hesitate. The look in her eyes was FIERCE.

Reese has a thing for the KEEP CALM slogans. I like that she came up with her own version to compliment our "Be Water, My Friend" rule. I LOVE that she locked herself in my office only to come out like an art thief looking for life and death essentials - glue, scissors and a really good, black marker. She was so PROUD when she showed her poster to us.

 And the smile on her was worth a little rejection:-)

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