Wednesday, April 29, 2015

i do, take two

Today is our wedding anniversary, 15 years!!!
Where does the time go?

So, how does one celebrate the occasion?
If you're us, you revise your vows and with a little help from your kids,
you say I DO, again with the biggest promise you can make, 
a PINKY SWEAR, and then you eat some cake!!

(Special thanks to Ethan and Reese as our officiant and photographer)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today we celebrate your anniversary of 15 years of marriage. 
In honor of the vows you once made before family and friends, we wanted to help you renew your commitment to one another and to our family with a very special tradition – the Pinky Swear.

It’s the best way we know how keep a promise.
So please join hands, I mean pinkies, and get ready to say I DO, one more time.
MOM, do you pinky swear to take dad to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward?
Do you promise to love him, all the parts of him, especially his happy whistling like Bing Crosby in the morning and his singing radio hits from the 80’s and 90’s?
When you ask him a question, will you appreciate his one word responses like “Tuesday”, “Brooklyn”, and “Bob”?
Will you love his smile despite his lack of a foreign accent?
Will you support his habit for milk, naps and the weather channel?
Will you cherish the breakfasts he makes on the weekends, especially the bagel runs and the fresh pots of coffee complete with creamer?
Will you hold dear the SNOW he shovels, the grass he mows and the leaves he rakes?
Will you support his playful side in a fierce game of badminton, Othello or Mario Kart 8?
Will you look the other way when he breaks something a little bit more before he fixes it?
Will you forgive him when he says “no thanks” to pizza on some Friday nights?
Will you stay by his side watching Yankee games, building and sorting legos or just hanging out reading the Sunday paper?
And do you pinky swear to hold his hand like the first time, all the days of your life.
 ~ I DO ~
Dad, do you pinky swear to take mom to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward?
Do you promise to love her, all the parts of her especially the ones addicted to the Avett Brothers and listening to the same song over and over again on repeat?
When you ask her a question, will you look kindly on her long, drawn out answers, the kind that take the scenic route to Yes or No?
Will you love her despite all her life talks and have patience with her thinking and overthinking brain?
Will you support her habit of buying and returning things and making multiple drafts of her to do lists?
Will you cherish her week day attempts at dinner and her late night cups of weak tea aka Dippy Tea?
Will you hold dear how clean she makes our house just before a party?
Will you support her romantic side with lots of movie nights and accept the fact that some of these hours you will never get back.
Will you look the other way when she downloads another book on her Kindle?
Will you forgive her when she pretends not to hear your suggestion of doing some weeding in the garden?
Will you stay by her side when she is writing at the computer, watching clouds in the backyard or just hanging out watching House Hunters?
And do you pinky swear to hold her hand like the first time, all the days of your life?   
~ I DO ~
Now let’s cut the CAKE. YUM!!
Happy Anniversary, Love. xo

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