Thursday, April 30, 2015

billions of stars

When I was in high school, I was heavily involved in music.


So much so that I took any arts class that was available to me. I immersed myself in singing, dancing, piano lessons, music theory and history all because I knew that one day I wanted to have a creative life and I wanted to be surrounded by other creatives to fuel this bright, shiny future I saw for myself.

The desire was so great that at one point I even took a special 5 unit sequence in music that somehow fulfilled my science requirements - NO CHEMISTRY, NO PHYSICS.

Some people gasp when I tell them this. Truth is I didn't need it where I was going and I never gave it a second thought, until now.

Fast forward twenty years, the shine has faded on my ideal star. There have been many twists and turns but for all my creative endeavors and for all the artistic people that I've worked with, the ones that inspired me most were more than their creative selves, they were also mathematicians, scientists and neurologists. 

I have my own neuro-science geek inside me, too.

How to explain the mathematical beauty of a equation or the poetry between time and space? Who knew such creativity existed from the other side of the brain, the one I dismissed so easily in high school. It got me thinking about my choice and the decision I made.

Who was that girl who swore she had it all figured out? She obviously didn't do the math. Was she too busy looking up at the stars?

It's ok, I can look back and smile now because I see the bigger picture.

It's all connected - written in my pages and in the stars.

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