Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Rule


What? You might have read that and thought there was a typo in our May rule.
Or perhaps, that I meant to say something else?
Nope, again.
Ok, I guess I could have written our rule to read, "use your time wisely" but what fun would that be? I don't think the idea would have caught your attention. (It definitely would not have caught my kids' attention) They generally know that time is precious or at least, they have heard the platitude a few times by yours, truly.
But, when I say, "waste your time, wisely" they stop for a moment and think to themselves with a crooked smile. They start to formulate ideas, wild ones but before they dare speak them, they want to be sure they heard right.
What did I say?? And that's where our dialogue begins.


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