Monday, April 6, 2015

Favorite Number

What's your favorite number?

Mine is 16 and Dave's favorite is 23. Reese's pick is a whopper 1,277, while Ethan chooses to be Switzerland, he refuses to pick one.

Sheldon has a favorite number too!! It's 73. Click below and he'll tell you all about it. LOL!

We're not the only ones interested in the question.

Alex Bellos, author of the Grapes of Math, conducted a survey asking the question, "What's your favorite number" after constantly being asked what his favorite was at lectures and speaking engagements.

"At first, I was so annoyed by this question, Bellos says. "I thought, you know, you're trivializing mathematics. Until I said, "Well, what's your favorite number? and I realized that, actually, lots of people feel incredibly passionate about numbers. And more often than not, people, will have an entire story about what number they like."

Bellos yielded responses from over 44,000 participants all across the world and it turns out, the world's favorite number is (drumroll) SEVEN!

It's not just about luck. The number 7 appears across many cultures and religion, as well as through nature and much of our everyday life.
There are seven days in the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents. The list goes on and on.
Even the brain likes the number 7.
"Psychologist George Miller observed many years ago that our short term memory remembers in units of 7 plus or minus 2. You can remember an infinite list of words, tasks or facts if you organize it into 5 to 9 (but ideally 7) chunks."
- 7 Reasons We Like 7 Reasons - Psychology Today
So it stands to reason that if our mind is hard-wired to the number 7, we would identify with it in other aspects of our life, too.
Advertisers and marketers caught on...we have 7 Wonders of the World, 7 dwarves, even the famous character Bond was simply known as 007.
Our house may still like 16, 23 and even 1, 277 for personal reasons but now we've got 7 on our radar. I'm curious to see how many 7's we can pick out this month. 
Seventh Heaven!
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  1. My second favorite number is 13...always been good luck for me!!