Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Un-Valentine's To You

What's your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day?

If you have visions of a candle lit dinner for two complete with red roses, a big box of chocolates and the most perfect Hallmark card you ever did read, you might be sorely disappointed by this post.

Our Valentine's is not THAT day.

For us, Valentine's Day is more akin to Chinese New Year than one of cupid and arrows. We didn't intentionally start out to be contrary to the RED-est and PINK-est day of the year. It was more an organic shift that brought about our family "tradition".

On Valentine's we celebrate with a Chinese food picnic. The tradition started when the kids were antsy babies and we were tired parents. No one was attached to anything that wafted of vintage Valentine's and who didn't love some easy Chinese takeout for dinner?

I do remember making some effort to fancy up the occasion by getting out my wedding chinaware. Pretty dishes, Chinese food, it was a good start but when you have kids, even the easiest plans can start to look like a crappy idea. 

I remember us trying to have a conversation while sitting at the dining room table but there were shrieks from one babe and yelling from the other; a war was breaking out. No one was happy. The Valentine's moment wasn't happening and eventually David pulled his plate down to the floor almost in surrender to the witching hour that seemed to overtake our house.

Strangely enough, the kids relaxed when we moved it all down to their level. Maybe it was pure curiosity? What were we doing down here and look, there is food, too! I don't even have a picture of that first Valentine's though I am sure there was a camera nearby. I had pictures of so many other firsts during those years. That Valentine's disappeared into the night rather quickly, just like the Chinese food.

And now that the kids have grown up, the tradition is still with us.

Even though we are all capable of sitting at a table, we are still on the floor. Even though I am certain I have the best idea for a new meal in or a fabulous night out, we order Chinese. Even though they are  getting a taste of the goldmine of chocolate that is out there on this, the SWEET-est day of the year, when we ask, our kids still want, first and foremost, a Chinese food picnic at our house....and so we oblige.

One day I'm sure the tradition will fall away. I think it is starting to a little for me and David. But now with a baby on the way, who knows what new tradition may suddenly take it's place, again, either from curiosity or sheer sanity. Whatever it is, I can't wait to see what our next Valentine's will look like.

And I'll try my best to remember my camera for the occasion.

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