Sunday, February 8, 2015

February's Rule

Thank you all for your recent congrats and kudos on our baby news!

I have to admit, it was really tough to keep the secret to ourselves for the last few weeks. My apologies that all the excitement, nerves and hormones got me off track for much of January's postings. But we're back now and ready to "hit" February with our next rule.....

The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name of this rule although they are not completely sure what I mean by's still a work in progress.
The original inspiration for this rule was a desire to "break the mold" on some ideals we've all learned (consciously or unconsciously). At the moment, our kids are growing up fast and are itching for more freedom. We are willing to give it to them but we also want to encourage them to question the world around them as they learn to find their own minds.
It's a tall order for just one month, I know, but this rule gives them the "mental" sledgehammer to do it.
To understand "Yes, you can break it!" is to know that there is more than one way through life. It is not simply black and white, thankfully, there is a lot of gray to be found but sometimes you have to be brave enough to look for it, you have to be willing to let go or "break" with what you know.
And that's where a rainbow opens up because to find the gray in moments is to remember that no one person or situation is one dimensional. Nothing is simply good or bad or right or wrong. There is more to life, more to any of us.
Shades of GRAY are everywhere!
I know. For all our talk of rainbows last month, GRAY is what came alive most for me beyond the shades of a sonogram. And I haven't stopped thinking about or noticing the many GRAYS in our days since.
So with this month's rule, permission is granted to push and pull on the everyday we know, to challenge and break "it" and see what shades of GRAY we can uncover and discover for ourselves.
Happy Monday to ya!


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