Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rule #1 - READY, SET, PLAY!

You would think the idea of PLAY would be considered easy for kids.  It's their very first job, really, it's what they do best. So, why make a rule about it?

Answer: PLAY has changed greatly since our days as kids.

Today, if I were to tell my kids to go play, they would grab their favorite electronic device and get comfortable. (Sigh) It wasn't always this way. 

Even as I write this post, our house is alive with the sounds of our primo game of choice, Minecraft. Each and every day, my kids wake up excited to enter this strange, cubed world of Steves, creepers, enderman, villagers, spiders, squids and more. THEY. LOVE. IT. So much so, that sometimes, they let the everyday world pass them by. This won't do, so this month, our first rule puts PLAY front and center.

The computer games won't go away completely but we are looking to open up and expand their world of PLAY, as well as rekindle that original spark.

READY, SET, PLAY is about physical play, the kind where you GO OUTSIDE - what a concept!

READY, SET, PLAY is about crafty play, using the basics: paper, pencil, paint and imagination.

READY, SET, PLAY is about mental play, stretching our minds to bring more PLAY to our everyday thoughts, words and actions (and not be too serious.)

In the end, the goal is always the same, to have some FUN!


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