Saturday, September 20, 2014

Riddle me this, Batman

"Rules are boring!" That's what my kids said one day when I told them I wanted to create a set of house rules for our family. And to be clear, to them, rules weren't just boring, they were SO BORING!

Yes, yes, I had to agree, sometimes, rules were boring, but I didn't think our rules would be.

"Ours can be different." I told them. "Think curious, quirky, zany. They're our rules, so really, they can be anything we want them to be."

My kids weren't convinced. Heads down in their video games, both were quiet for what felt like a real, long while. And then, my son, Ethan spoke, again.

"Can they be FUN?"
Reese's face light up at the request and joined in. "Yeah! We want FUN!!"

Fun, hmm...and that was it, the moment, the inspiration that bubbled and perked inside my head and became this blog.

So, riddle me this Batman and fellow crusaders who dare: can rules be FUN? Let's find out together!!!

Welcome to <our house rules>.