Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't Minecraft Me

So, we had a revealing weekend! The plan to turn off our electronics and have some FUN didn't quite "play out" as I hoped.

As much as I pulled the kids to do new things, inside and outside, their actions reminded me over and over what was still on their minds. MINECRAFT.

At the house, they made chalk drawings on the new blacktop on our driveway...Minecraft characters.

Reese found her paint and brushes to make some art...Minecraft art.

Ethan spent an afternoon building with his legos....Minecraft designs.

Maybe we just need to get out of the house? I thought. So I took them hiking one day at one of our favorite local state parks. Our 3 mile trek turned into 3 miles of Minecraft chatter and banter - lucky me! They took the occasional breather to have a picnic snack, to count rings on a tree stump and to admire some cute chipmunks and this beautiful horse.

So, as I said, it was a revealing weekend on many levels. We survived one another (lol) and had moments of FUN (extra points on kids' creativity) but our first rule? Yeah, it's going to take more than just a push of a button.

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