Monday, July 20, 2015

For Arguments Sake...Power Up!

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

"You didn't argue enough as a child!"

That's what my husband has said to me on more than one occasion and you know what, he is right.  When a discussion starts to get heated or as he likes to say "good" or "interesting" I often back down or suddenly fall silent.

I've never been one that was quick or clever with my words but then again, I've always associated arguing with fighting and when you are a people pleaser, that trait goes right out the window.

It wasn't until I met David and then met his family that I came to see another side to arguments.

Over the years, I've watched them get loud with opinions, take challenges and remain so clever that I can't tell you how comical it all gets. That there is still smiles or laughter in the end, totally fascinates me!

Fifteen years later, I'm still learning but it's my hope that Ethan and Reese will pick up on these skills quicker and learn to argue with the best of them.

To be persuasive, compelling and funny - SURE, maybe even win a few arguments - but even more, to express themselves, their inner "I" and to know there's power in a good clean fight. 

More thoughts on why you should teach your children to argue...HERE

Power up!

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