Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Year of Rules

We did it!! We reached our goal... One Year of House Rules

Ready, Set, PLAY
I Double Dare You to Make a Mistake
Get To Know SLOW
Color Your Daze
Yes, You Can Break It
Do Nothing
Count Me In
Waste Your Time Wisely
Be Like Water
Power Up With Little Words
Wear Gratitude on Your Sleeve
Bite The Lemon

So, the million dollar question,
can rules be FUN??

YES and...

play-full, intense, amazing, silly, slow, inspiring, embarrassing, colorful, challenging, amusing, inconceivable, hectic, humbling, euphoric, enjoyable, exhausting, blessed and bittersweet

All thanks to these smiling faces. 

And this new one...
I started this blog with a superheroes pic, so let's end it with one more.
Plain clothes, glasses, mild mannered...trickster sticking out his tongue!
(Yeah, he's one of us!)
He knows FUN, how about you?
 Thank you for hanging out with us the past year.
It's been SUPER!

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