Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Rule - Color Your Daze!

Happy New Year!! As we start 2015, we've got another rule to kick off at <our house rules>.

Introducing, COLOR YOUR DAZE!!!

This month's rule was handpicked for January. Instead of us setting out to accomplish some rule with a tie-in to new year's resolutions, we wanted this month's rule to be about seeing the world with new eyes, to see the present exactly as it is and to welcome it.

In year's past, I've found January to be a tough month. Compared to December's holiday hoopla, everything in January feels dull and slow to me (and not in a good way.) Time seems to move at a glacial speed across a dreary winter slate. There is a starkness to January that I feel in my bones and it hits me as soon as I wake up. It's hard to get out of bed when it is still dark, to look out at landscapes of gray skies, bare trees and empty nests. Snow days can be beautiful but as the temperature drops and the white heaps give way to slush and ice, I just want to stay in the warmth of my bed and daydream about the lush return of spring.

See how easy it is to get lost in the mental haze of winter - that's January! This month's rule challenges the thought that we have to wait for Spring to see the warmth and life of colors.

This month is all about COLOR - to get us started, we've got our inspiration art work on the fridge!!

We'll be heavy on photos and light on words. Everyone in our family will have access to a camera and will be taking photos for our own rendering of ROY G. BIV.

Each week we will focus on two colors to find in our everyday world. We'll explore the feelings and emotions of colors and even create new names for them - why should Crayola and paint companies have all the fun?

By the end of the month, we are hoping to create our own private Winter Rainbow!!! Ahh, now wouldn't that be a welcome sight?

Feel free to join in and take your own photos to share on our Facebook page. Happy picture taking!

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