Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Green Blue, Blue Green, I Can't Decide What I Need More

 Green aloe plant for one too many burns. Save me from myself in the kitchen!

This budding artist, I am seeing two!
Green shutters and doors remind me of home.
Love bridges, love the blue background in this one.

How is this plant still alive? I'm certain I killed it, numerous times...
 lesson in fortitude.

Cookies, enuff said!

  Submarine needs more fishy friends

Round spheres of torment - sculpt me!!!
Ethan's new favorite author. Two points for working broccoli into the title!

Reese says she and Rainbow Dash are meant to be true blue friends,
they have the same initials.

Pretty Blue

We got a new calendar of Clouds for 2015

the year is DEFINITELY looking up!!!!

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